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Sea Urchin

Oysters Los Angeles

Miyabi Uni Miyabi Oysters (Food of the Week)

On social media and media coverage, sea urchin has become glamorized as an “it” ingredient in Los Angeles. Instagram posts starring uni are practically guaranteed to see a bump in likes, and chefs Isao...
Italian Food Los Angeles

Union Pasadena Sea Urchin Risotto (Food of the Week)

Old Pasadena is inching its way toward critical mass when it comes to culinary viability, and not just with craft beer and specialty coffee, which are more than plentiful. Thanks to restaurants like Osawa,...
Japanese Food Los Angeles

Maruhide Uni Club Sea Urchin, Salmon Roe + Scallop Bowl [CLOSED]

Maruhide Uni Club, a find from LA Times deputy Food editor Betty Hallock, features sea urchin in more than a dozen forms, gracing pasta, capping sushi, and marinated in different sauces. No dish rises...
Chefs Los Angeles

Ceviche Nights: Ricardo Zarate + Josiah Citrin Uni Night

For the “Ceviche Nights” dinner series, chef Ricardo Zarate, business partner Stephane Bombet and Food GPS invite some of L.A.’s best chefs into the kitchen at Zarate’s downtown restaurant Mo-chica. “Ceviche Nights” previews Paichẽ,...