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Pig Ears

Pork San Francisco

Tosca Cafe Pressed Pig Ears

Successful New York City based duo April Bloomfield and business partner Ken Friedman revived Tosca Cafe, an iconic North Beach Italian restaurant and bar that dates to 1919. Chef Josh Even is leading efforts...
Pork Los Angeles

Ink. Lollipop Kale with Fried Pig Ears [CLOSED]

Despite persistent rumors, lollipop kale was not the food of choice for Munchkins on “The Wizard of Oz” set. Instead, the diminutive vegetable is apparently a hybrid of red kale and Brussels sprouts, and...
Pork Los Angeles

Lazy Ox Canteen Crispy Pig Ears [CLOSED]

There are certain chefs that are able to tap into a neighborhood’s collective ethos at exactly the right time. Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali tamed Melrose in 2007, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo conquered...
Pork Los Angeles

Church & State Crispy Pig Ears [CLOSED]

On the menu, Church & State chef Walter Manzke can mask the dish’s identity in French and call them Oreilles de Cochon, but there’s no doubt what you’re looking at when the bowl hits...
Pork Los Angeles

Animal Pig Ears [CLOSED]

Last year, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo opened Animal on Fairfax and their minimalist restaurant with bold cooking has been filled ever since. Their menu changes daily, based on market-driven ingredients. Happily, no matter...