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Pork San Diego

Carnitas Snack Shack: Bringing the Oink to North Park [CLOSED]

When a restaurant has PORK in the phone number, that bodes well. So does a menu that lives up to the phone number, a location near North Park’s craft beer-crazed establishments, and a mini...
Shrimp And Grits San Diego

El Take It Easy: Scouring Baja to Deliver San Diego Gastropub [CLOSED]

30th Street has clearly become the giving tree of the San Diego food scene. Just when it was beginning to look like North Park’s most scintillating strip might not have another growth spurt left,...
Restaurant San Diego

Ritual Tavern: Beer Desserts at Gothic North Park Gastropub [CLOSED]

We already ate dinner, but didn’t want to leave town without experiencing Ritual Tavern. On Saturday night, Sea Rocket Bistro owner Dennis Stein said that Ritual shared his restaurant’s approach for seasonal, local cuisine....
Restaurant San Diego

Urban Solace: New Orleans Vibe and Excess in North Park [CLOSED]

North Park is undoubtedly the culinary capital of San Diego at the moment. 30th Street is lined with an impressive array of market-driven restaurants. Urban Solace isn’t one of them, but it does specialize...
Restaurant Sign San Diego
Restaurant San Diego

The Linkery: Pair Hand-Made Sausages With Craft Beer in North Park [CLOSED]

Jay Porter opened The Linkery on February 25, 2005, near a residential stretch of San Diego’s North Park, which sits just northeast of Balboa Park. Porter centered on sausages due to their global appeal...