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New Orleans

Chef Chicago

Interview: chef Rick Tramonto

Rick Tramonto is a Rochester, New York, native who overcame early adversity to build a robust culinary career. He worked on high-profile projects in New York and London, and now runs several restaurants in...
Chef New Orleans

Interview: Cochon chef Stephen Stryjewski discusses Expansion, Hiring Practices, Home Cooking + Pork

I’m not exactly shy about my passion for pork, and neither is chef Stephen Stryjewski, who founded the first Cochon in 2007 in New Orleans. He and business partner Donald Link, his former boss...
Bartender New Orleans

Interview: bartender Neal Bodenheimer (Cure + Bellocq)

New Orleans native Neal Bodenheimer first stepped behind a bar in Manhattan and initially became a bar owner in his hometown, post-Katrina. He currently co-owns Cure and Bellocq with Kirk Estopinal and Matthew Kohnke....