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Sushi Los Angeles

Sushi I-NABA Omakase Chirashi Bowl (Food of the Week)

Sushi I-NABA is the latest outpost of a Japanese restaurant that debuted in Torrance in 1999. Chef Yasu Hirano presides over a six-seat, three-sided, omakase only sushi bar in downtown Manhattan Beach. Dinner’s reservation...
Italian Food Los Angeles

The Arthur J Veal Parmesan (Food of the Week)

Manhattan Beach has been a culinary playground for chef David LeFevre and the Simms brothers. M.B. Post and Fishing With Dynamite are their most successful collaborations to date, but The Arthur J, their “Mad...
Charcuterie Los Angeles

Manhattan House Charcuterie Board (Dose of Vitamin P)

Sotto hasn’t been around for long, but is already becoming a successful feeder system, with talented chefs and managers fanning out across L.A. after working at Beverlywood’s best restaurant. In May, longtime Sotto sous...
Brunch Los Angeles

Love & Salt Mortadella Toast (Dose of Vitamin P)

I’m not as infuriated by avocado toast as many food writers, but I do appreciate toasted bread with ingredients and techniques that aren’t easy to replicate at home. Of course it helps to have...
Brunch Los Angeles

M.B. Post Corned Beef Cheek Hash (Food of the Week)

Manhattan Beach is one of L.A.’s neighborhoods best suited for brunch, with ravenous people spilling on to Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach Boulevard, and Sepulveda Boulevard after playing volleyball, running along the Strand, surfing, or...
Pork Los Angeles

Manhattan Beach Post Porchetta (Dose of Vitamin P)

Some restaurants really go big for dineL.A. Restaurant Week. Manhattan Beach Post, the restaurant from the Simms brothers and chef David LeFevre that debuted in 2011, offered a choice of any four dishes for...