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Chef Los Angeles

Recent Additions at 9 Los Angeles Restaurants

On June 10, at Taste of the Nation Los Angeles, I asked nine different participating chefs, What’s the most recent dish that you developed, and what was your inspiration and approach? Read their telling...
Chef Los Angeles

Top Selling Dishes at Los Angeles Restaurants (Part 2)

I previously learned about Top Selling Dishes at 8 Los Angeles Restaurants. On June 10, at Taste of the Nation Los Angeles, I stuck with the theme and asked seven participating chefs, What’s your...
Pork Los Angeles

Lazy Ox Canteen Crispy Pig Ears [CLOSED]

There are certain chefs that are able to tap into a neighborhood’s collective ethos at exactly the right time. Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali tamed Melrose in 2007, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo conquered...
Restaurant Week Los Angeles

Game Plan for dineLA Restaurant Week (Winter 2010)

dineLA Restaurant Week drew droves of Angelenos to 260 L.A. restaurants in the fall. Now dineLA is staging a third Restaurant Week from January 24 – 29 and January 31 – February 5, 2010,...