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Craft Beer California

10 Great California Marzens & Fest Biers

Checking my list of Marzens and Fest biers vs IPAs that are brewed in California leads to a large discrepancy.  Still, with the SoCal summer/Autumn hybrid sneaking up on us, the time is nigh...

10 Great Places to Get Craft Beer North of L.A.

A lot of the brewery names on this list will be familiar to beer folks but many may have not made the drive to the actual locale where the beer is brewed.  You may...

10 Great California Session Beers

The general criteria for a Session Ale is that it is under 5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume).  Some pundits say it should be lower than 4.5%.  Either way, it needs to be a lighter...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: Kinetic Brewing Company founder Steven Kinsey

Steven “Sven” Kinsey, a long-time homebrewer, nationally ranked beer judge and audio engineer for companies like Technicolor and Lucasfilm, opened Kinetic Brewing Company in Lancaster, an area north of Los Angeles that’s best known...