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Josef Centeno

Shrimp Los Angeles

Bar Ama Peel and Eat Shrimp

Peel and eat shrimp, typically the provenance of awkward cocktail parties, get a kickstart at Bar Ama, Josef Centeno’s Tex-Mex restaurant in downtown L.A.’s old Bank District. Bar Ama was the third stop on...
Pork Los Angeles

Ledlow Pork Shank [CLOSED]

In Lynyrd Skynyrd’s famous song, a Saturday Night Special “Ain’t good for nothin’ But put a man six feet in a hole.” Thankfully, Chef Josef Centeno has better plans for diners at Ledlow, an...
Chef Los Angeles

Who Makes Great Los Angeles Chefs Nervous?

Leading chefs must have composure in their kitchens in order to turn out consistently great food. However, they can still get rattled. I recently asked 10 of L.A.’s best chefs, Who was the last...
Pork Los Angeles

Pete’s Los Angeles Suckling Pig

Getting married called for some serious celebration. [More on that in future posts.] Having close friends and family in town for the weekend created four straight chances to party, the first of which was...
Breakfast Sandwich Los Angeles

Pete’s Fried Bologna Sandwich [CLOSED]

It’s about time somebody is helping to bring back the fried bologna sandwich in L.A. Last year, Chef Susan Feniger got my hopes up about the sandwich of my youth, which I’ve chronicled in...
Food Event Los Angeles

L.A. Fried Chicken Fest Slideshow

Food GPS and Helen Springut co-produced L.A. Fried Chicken Fest on August 26, celebrating one of the world’s best-loved, most versatile dishes. Drongophoto captured the experience, which was like a house party, only with...