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Il Grano

Fish Los Angeles

Il Grano Beltfish with Green Garbanzo Beans [CLOSED]

At Il Grano in West LA, chef-owner Sal Marino continues to churn out interesting Italian dishes inspired by seasonal California ingredients in an airy setting. He was born in L.A., but grew up in...
Italian Food Los Angeles

“Authentic Italian Food” Gets L.A. Spotlight

“Authentic” is a hot button word that’s been known to inspire debate among food purists, but that didn’t stop The Italian Trade Commission and Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West from hand picking six L.A....
Restaurant Week Los Angeles

Game Plan for dineLA Restaurant Week (Winter 2010)

dineLA Restaurant Week drew droves of Angelenos to 260 L.A. restaurants in the fall. Now dineLA is staging a third Restaurant Week from January 24 – 29 and January 31 – February 5, 2010,...
Tomatoes Los Angeles

Il Grano (Sagra Del Pomodoro): Starring Homegrown Tomatoes [CLOSED]

Sal Marino grew up in Naples, where he developed a profound respect for Italian cuisine. Since 1997, he’s worked to make Il Grano one of the top Italian spots in Los Angeles. The West...
Best Food Of The Year

2007 Top 10 Los Angeles Dishes

Learn about the Top 10 Los Angeles dishes I ate in 2007, regardless of cuisine or cost. Three dishes didn’t previously appear on Food GPS, since I wrote about certain restaurants on assignment. My...