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Greek Food Los Angeles

Kalamaki Pork Gyros in Pita Bread (Dose of Vitamin P)

I was going to drive to the San Fernando Valley for lunch after writing all morning at Coffee + Milk. Instead, the Kalamaki Greek street food truck caught my eye. Every weekday, a different...
Pork Chop Los Angeles

Elena’s Greek-Armenian Pork Chops

It’s now been well over a decade since my first visit to Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine, an institution from Elena Pitkyan and her family on a residential stretch of Glendale that dates to 1976....
Greek Food Los Angeles

Alexander’s Greek Kitchen Pork Gyros [CLOSED]

When Fred Guerrero, the affable son of chef Andre Guerrero who owns Slow Culture Gallery with brother Max in Highland Park, e-mailed to share his affinity for the young owners of Alexander’s Greek Kitchen,...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Joe’s Falafel: Transcending Universal City Tourist Traps

Universal City, a bridge neighborhood that connects Los Angeles proper with the San Fernando Valley, is surrounded by movie studios and draws tourists in droves to the hilltop theme park and amphitheater. For the...
Greek Church Los Angeles

Highlights from 11th Annual L.A. Greek Fest

Living statues, Zorba-style dance circles and the Shake Ya Groove Thang DJs were just three highlights from opening night at L.A. Greek Fest, but of course I attended Saint Sophia Cathedral to gorge on...
Wine Bar Los Angeles

Pourtal’s “It’s All Greek to Me” Wine Tasting Tour [N/A]

For millennia, Greece was a global wine leader, but the Ottoman Empire ravaged the country’s vine culture. It wasn’t until the ’60s that Greece began to recommit to winemaking. To “give a 6000-year-old tradition...