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Greek Restaurant Los Angeles

Papa Cristo’s Taverna: Varied Doesn’t Cover it at Greek Classic

In 1948, Sam Chrys opened C&K grocery in the primarily Greek neighborhood now known as the Byzantine-Latino Quarter. He originally imported foods from Greece. As adjacent space gradually became available, Sam’s son Chrys S....
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Dino’s Burgers #2: Putting Maniacal Chicken on Chopping Block

I can still remember the day I discovered Dino’s – January 6, 2000. I was working as a Writers’ Assistant on “JAG,” and my key mid-day duty was to find restaurants and retrieve lunch...
Restaurant Glendale

Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine: Gobbling Wonder Meat in Glendale

I recently learned a long-lost cousin was living only an hour away. One problem: last I knew him, he was vegetarian. Luckily, he came to his senses and started eating animals again. Meaning we...