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Mexican Food Los Angeles

Dose of Vitamin P: Antojitos Chilangos Gordita [CLOSED]

Highland Park is a hotbed for regional Mexican food, and Antojitos Chilangos specializes in snacks from Mexico City. The family-run cafe showcases Aztec imagery, including cactus-crowned pyramids and an Aztec warrior carrying a woman....
Mexican Food Los Angeles

The Foundry Launches “Lunes Latinos” on Mondays [CLOSED]

On September 14, Eric Greenspan launched “Lunes Latinos” at The Foundry on Melrose. Every Monday, you’ll now find the vaunted chef’s spin on Latin cuisine, including Greenspan’s Gorditas ($3 each) filled with orange glazed...
Best Food Of The Year

2008 Top 15 Meals in Los Angeles

Here are the 15 standout meals I ate in Los Angeles in 2008, regardless of cuisine or price level. Every meal at Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine, El Mar Azul and La Casita Mexicana could...