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Fish Taco

Taco Baja

El Sinaloense Fish Taco (Food of the Week)

Northern Baja is the birthplace of the fried fish taco as we know it, but that doesn’t mean Baja California Sur is unfamiliar with the concept. In Ensenada, they double-fry angelito (angel shark) or...
Fish Taco Ensenada

Los Originales Tacos de Pescado Fish Taco (Dose of Vitamin P)

Not many Doses of Vitamin P have centered on seafood, but when in Baja, that’s where pork comes into play. Unlike Baja-style fish tacos in L.A., which are mostly fried in vegetable or canola...
Fish Taco Los Angeles

Taco Task Force: Los Angeles Fish Tacos

On our most recent group trip to Mexico, Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet L.A. started discussing his frustrations with L.A. taco blogs and how there has to be better criteria for determining which tacos...