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Rice Bowl Los Angeles

Woodley Proper Crispy Rice [CLOSED]

Grain bowls have either been a boon or a bane to L.A.’s food scene, depending on the perspective. Of course, not all grain bowls are created equal. Restaurants like SQIRL have turned grain bowls...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Domingo’s Italian Deli Spicy Dom

Did you know Encino houses the “Little Italy of the Valley”? Probably not, since the motto applies to a single storefront: Domingo’s Italian Deli. Phyllis Domingo and husband Frank founded Domingo’s in 1948 and...
Noodles Los Angeles

EuroAsia Kavurma Lagman

Uzbekistan, a former Soviet Socialist Republic, has been well positioned to soak up loads of culinary influences over the past two millenniums. Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan both held control at key points,...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Sweeney’s Ale House Brings Craft Beer + Irish Whiskey to Encino

Sweeney’s Ale House is the latest craft beer destination from Ryan Sweeney and frequent business partners Brandon Bradford and Alen Aivazian, who previously teamed on spots like The Surly Goat in West Hollywood and...
Thai Food Los Angeles

Lum-Ka-Naad Pork Spare Ribs

Alex Sonbalee hails from northern Thailand and wife Ooi grew up in the south, thus the preponderance of regional specialties on Lum-Ka-Naad‘s sprawling menu, which touts over 150 options. The couple still runs a...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Esso Mediterranean Bistro: Showcasing Syrian Cuisine in Encino

If somebody were to chart the Middle Eastern dining options in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley, Ventura Boulevard alone would keep people occupied for months. Still, not many restaurants have been able to distinguish themselves,...