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Dim Sum Los Angeles

Longo Seafood Restaurant Scallop Dumplings

Considering that L.A. County houses approximately 400,000 Chinese-American people, the dim sum scene moves at a pretty languid pace, even in the community’s San Gabriel Valley epicenter. Decade-old places like Elite Restaurant, Lunasia, and...
Dumplings Los Angeles

Yukdaejang Steamed Dumplings

Koreatown is one of the only neighborhoods where Angelenos get excited about chains. KyoChon chicken and Magal BBQ have been quite popular over the years. Now Yukdaejang is drawing crowds to a blue fenced...
Dumplings Los Angeles

Bone Kettle Oxtail Dumplings

Komodo, an Asian fusion restaurant from chef Erwin Tjahyadi and business minded brother Eric, has earned a loyal following in Beverlywood and Venice. I’m always happy to eat their mochiko fried chicken, gambas al...
Dumplings Los Angeles

Naemamdu Mandu Corn Cheese Dumplings [CLOSED]

Finding Naemamdu Mandu required an odyssey normally reserved for stackable cities like Tokyo. I wandered all three floors of City Center on 6th and circumnavigated the building twice armed with the knowledge that the...
Dumplings Los Angeles

Beni-Tora Giant Gyoza

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to Beni-Tora’s giant gyoza, that’s clearly the case. The growing company, which started in Tokyo in 1990 and sports a fierce red tiger logo, first opened...
Dumplings Los Angeles

Nikuman-Ya Gyoza

“The best in Southern California.” That’s quite a claim from LA Times deputy Food editor Betty Hallock. She was talking about Nikuman-Ya, Kenichi Usui’s stall in Gardena’s Marukai Market, which serves weekend-only gyoza. I...