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Fishing With Dynamite: Sustainable Seafood + Fun in South Bay

Dynamic chef David LeFevre and the Simms brothers (Chris and Mike) have clearly tapped into what Manhattan Beach denizens want. The partners debuted M.B. Post in 2011, and two doors down, they added Fishing...
Brunch Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach Post: Bangin’ Brunch in the South Bay

Manhattan Beach finally has a destination restaurant, perhaps for the first time since chef John Rivera Sedlar cooked at Saint Estèphe. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but M.B. Post, chef-owner David LeFevre and business...
Restaurant Manhattan Beach

Tin Roof Bistro Opens in Manhattan Beach

In May, Chris Simms, brother Mike and chef Anne Conness opened Simmzy’s in the former downtown Manhattan Beach home of Ebizo’s Skewer. On July 27, the trio debuted Tin Roof Bistro in nearby Manhattan...
Restaurant Manhattan Beach

Simmzy’s is New Beer-Focused Manhattan Beach Pub

Chris Simms and brother Mike opened Simmzy’s two weeks ago in the former Manhattan Beach home of Ebizo’s Skewer. The Simms partnered with chef Anne Conness (Napa Valley Grille, EM Bistro) on a gourmet...