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Sandwich Los Angeles

Free Range LA Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwich

Free Range LA Chef Jesse Furman started with a stand at the Sunday Melrose Place Farmers Market that is still going strong. Last year, he launched a truck that clucks. All manner of chicken and egg dishes are...
Chicken Los Angeles

Superba Food & Bread Rotisserie Chicken (Food of the Week)

Chefs are finding ways to transform food like never before using ingredients like liquid nitrogen, sodium alginate and maltodextrin. It’s been fascinating to experience some of the dishes that skilled chefs have been able...
Chicken Los Angeles

Who Roasts the Best Los Angeles Chicken?

A simple roast (or rotisserie) chicken can be deeply satisfying, and Los Angeles has some terrific options, including simple Peruvian-style pollo a la brasa, birds inspired by Armenian, Haitian, and Mexican cooking traditions, and...
Korean Food Los Angeles

3rd Street Restaurant Chicken Noodle Soup (Food of the Week)

3rd Street Restaurant, a chicken-focused Koreatown establishment with a 30-year track record, somehow escaped my gaze until writer Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee recently covered it for the LA Times. The simple setting includes a yellow...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Cho Man Won Glazed Chicken (Food of the Week)

Cho Man Won, from the owners of adjacent O Dae San, is a Chinese-influenced Korean dumpling and noodle house in L.A.’s Koreatown that promises 10K+ plus on the sign out front. What they’re measuring...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Buil Sam Gye Tang: Making Medicinal Korean Soup Taste Good

Koreatown never stops surprising me. My experiences in L.A.’s most exciting dining neighborhood go dozens deep, but there always seems to be some hidden-in-plain-sight culinary specialist that heightens my already considerable appreciation for Koreatown....