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Craft Beer Chicago

Forbidden Root Botanical Beer Flight (Drink of the Week)

Botanicals, the properties gleaned from herbs and plants, are often associated with gin, in different configurations. For the first time that I’m aware of, a brewery is focusing on botanicals. Forbidden Root debuted in...
Chefs Chicago

Interview: Chef Paul Kahan (One Off Hospitality Group)

Paul Kahan is a Chicago native who started working in his father’s delicatessen and smoked fish company as a teenager. He worked for accomplished chefs Erwin Drechsler and Rick Bayless and has grown into...
Brewmaster Chicago

Bourbon County Beverly Hills

We are entering the season of Bourbon County Stout, when Goose Island Beer Co. brings their celebrated and iconic stout (in various disguises) to Los Angeles.  Brewmaster Brett Porter was recently in Los Angeles...
Baseball Stadium Chicago

Comparing L.A. Craft Beer to Chicago

Being on the inside of L.A.’s beer scene can cause one to be a bit of a “Homer,” one who roots too hard and too easily for the home team. One way to truly...
Brewer Chicago

Interview: beer pro Keith Gabbett (Goose Island Beer Co.)

Keith Gabbett came west with Goose Island Beer Co. as part of Migration Week, an event that shipped rare Goose Island beers across the country.  After he returned home, Gabbett answered a few questions...
Chef Chicago

Interview: chef Rick Tramonto

Rick Tramonto is a Rochester, New York, native who overcame early adversity to build a robust culinary career. He worked on high-profile projects in New York and London, and now runs several restaurants in...