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Carlos Valdez

Taco La Paz

Buffalo BBQ Paceño Taco (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Buffalo BBQ was one of my favorite restaurants in Baja California Sur during my 2012 culinary tour. Since then, Chef Carlos Valdez moved his flagship Mexican restaurant and grill from the center of La...
Restaurant Sign La Paz

Al Forno Pizzeria: Bringing More Heat to Baja California Sur

As soon as we discovered that Buffalo Bar-B-Q chef-owner Carlos Valdez had a pizzeria, and that he employs the same woods – mesquite and mauto – that feed the fabulous grill at his La...
Mexican Food La Paz

Buffalo Bar-B-Q: Honoring the Land and Sea in La Paz

La Paz’s most fashionable diners must walk underneath a faux buffalo skull to reach Sonora native Carlos Valdez’s open-air wonderland, Buffalo Bar-B-Q. It’s one of the many amusing details that demonstrate the vivacious chef...