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Cake Los Angeles

Wallflower English Date Cake

Wallflower is a beguiling, dinner-only Venice restaurant from Dustin Miles and chef Harrison Tobing that opened in fall 2015 and has kept a low profile. You won’t find a sign, and the only factor...
Filipino Food Los Angeles

LASA Kohlrabi Cake [CLOSED]

Not many chefs would even attempt an edible study of kohlrabi, the root vegetable that’s a crunchy, fibrous cousin to cabbage. Thankfully, Chad Valencia is just that ambitious at LASA, the modern Filipino pop-up...
Cake Los Angeles

Adana Honey Cake

Edward Khechemyan, who’s of Armenian descent and whose father grew up in Iran, has run a restaurant called Adana for 16 years. Adana is the name of a city in southern Turkey, and you’ll...
Cake Los Angeles

BLD California Avocado Olive Oil Cake [CLOSED]

The California Avocado Commission convened an event at BLD on March 12 to celebrate their favorite fruit, featuring chef Neal Fraser leading dish demos at the Mid-City restaurant he co-owns with wife Amy. While...
Cake Los Angeles

Cake Studio Cafe Opens near Tigeorges’ Chicken

Baker Sonia George and husband Robert opened Cake Studio Cafe along the Glendale Boulevard corridor on April 1. Up until now, the street was best known for TiGeorges’ Chicken and as a shortcut from...
Bakery Orange County

SusieCakes: Upscale Treats and Sleek Design in Newport Beach

Susan Sarich has built a burgeoning bakery empire based on upscale versions of childhood favorites and sleek design. SusieCakes has already thrived in Brentwood and Calabasas, and Sarich has found early success in Newport...