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Restaurant Bakersfield

24th Street Cafe: Breaded Steak and Biscuits in Bakersfield

I normally take I-5 when driving between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but since there are no viable eating options along that route, and I wasn’t in a hurry, I took Highway 99. The...
Ice Cream Bakersfield

Dewar’s Candy Shop: Classic Bakersfield Desserts and Decor

Allison and I had just completed a 13-plate family-style Basque meal at Noriega Hotel, but we’d never been to Bakersfield before, and we didn’t know when we’d return, so we weren’t leaving town before...
Basque Food Bakersfield

Noriega Hotel: Dining at Basque People’s House in Bakersfield [CLOSED]

We had a reservation for the 7 PM seating at Noriega Hotel, Bakersfield’s most famous Basque restaurant, and were warned not to arrive late, since they wouldn’t seat us. We left Los Angeles at...