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Chef Baja

Interview: Chef Miguel Angel Guerrero (La Querencia + El Almazara)

Miguel Angel Guerrero is Tijuana’s culinary renaissance man. He grew up roaming his family’s Baja California ranch land and learned to hunt, dive, fish and farm at an early age. He holds a law...
Chef Baja

Interview: Chef Javier Plascencia discusses Mexican Cuisine, Hiring Practices, Prized Proteins + Baja Culinary Fest

If the Baja dining scene were a meteoroid, then Javier Plascencia would inevitably be at center mass. Sure, some of his contemporaries are also producing exciting food using local ingredients, including Miguel Angel Guerrero...
Seafood Ensenada

Manzanilla: Enjoying Straightforward Seafood Near a Baja Bay

After a long day of experiencing intensive back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back cooking demos at Congreso Ensenada Gastronómica, it was obvious where the after party would be, at Manzanilla, a funky restaurant from Benito Molina and chef-wife Solange...
Chef Chicago

Interview: Chef Rick Bayless Discusses RED O, Remaining Accomplishments, Baja, Small Batch Spirits + More

Rick Bayless has become a household name thanks to a pair of Chicago restaurants – Frontera Grill and Topolobampo – a series of cookbooks, and a food-focused travel show on PBS called Mexico –...
Fish Taco Ensenada

Los Originales Tacos de Pescado Fish Taco

Not many Doses of Vitamin P have centered on seafood, but when in Baja, that’s where pork comes into play. Unlike Baja-style fish tacos in L.A., which are mostly fried in vegetable or canola...
Craft Beer Baja

Mexican Beer Photo Essay

From July 16-19, 2009, Street Gourmet LA founder Bill Esparza led an epic Baja bender, with many beer related stops. This photo essay captures some of the highlights. Our first stop in Tijuana was...