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Cocktail Tokyo

Gen Yamamoto Granny Smith Apple Cocktail

Tokyo has become famous for out-of-the-way cocktail bars that display unparalleled precision. Many friends recommended Gen Yamamoto, a bar on aside street in Tokyo’s Azabu-Juban district from a bartender by the same name, and...
Donut Los Angeles

Simmzy’s Apple Filled Donut

I try to keep an open mind in general, but especially when it comes to donuts, which can still qualify as wondrous, even when they don’t match the childhood idyll. The crullers, raised and...
Cider Victoria

Sea Cider: Applying the Squeeze to Apples in Saanichton

If you’re so inclined (and you should be), it takes less than a half-hour to get from Victoria International Airport to some serious spirits or fermented beverages. My first stop was Victoria Spirits for...