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What’s Wrong with this Beer?

You crack open that bottle and carefully pour the beer into a specific glass to maximize the aroma. You make sure that the temperature is correct and you take that first sip. Something is...
Chef New York City

Upfront Launches Exclusive Online Community

Upfront is an exclusive online community for influencers and their most devoted fans, available on iPhone, Android, and web applications. Free of spam and ads, Upfront has created a revolutionary fan engagement platform that...
Apps California

Know What: Making Local Experts + Food GPS Mobile

This day has been in the works since last June, when a meeting with Know What app editor-in-chef Ben Adair resulted in three Food GPS-related guides for the locally minded app from parent company...
Coffee App

Barista iPhone App Review

I’ve been talking too much about drip coffee these days, especially when the ratio of drip specialty coffee consumption (as in by-the-cup) to espresso drinks is probably 10% to 90%. In Los Angeles, every...
Coffee App

Intelligentsia iPhone App Review

I happen to be an iPhone App junkie. Ever since I got my hands on the latest iPhone 4, I went crazy with downloading every conceivable app for every conceivable situation. I actually used...