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Pizza San Francisco

Interview: pizza maker Anthony Mangieri (Una Pizza Napoletana)

Very few foods have the power to trigger an argument like pizza. Whether it’s Neapolitan, deep dish, grilled, or coal-fired, everybody’s got an opinion about the ideal oven, dough, sauce and toppings. In the...
Pizzaiolo San Francisco

Una Pizza Napoletana: Striving for Pizza Perfection in SoMa

Mountain biking. That’s the difference between having the best pizza on the West Coast in my backyard or, as it stands, 400 miles away. About two years ago, pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri was at Silver...
Pizzeria New York City

Una Pizza Napoletana: Artisanal Pizzeria in Manhattan’s East Village [CLOSED]

In December 2006, I planned to meet my cousins in the East Village to experience the wonders of Una Pizza Napoletana, which was supposed to be the best pizzeria in New York City. Sadly,...
Pizza New York City

Una Pizza Napoletana – New York, NY [CLOSED]

Nirvana – the best. This is THE pizza place in Manhattan, period. The only places I’ve been to equal it are Di Lorenzo and Pepe’s. But for Manhattan, the discussion begins and ends now...