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Italian Restaurant Nantucket

Sfoglia is the sister restaurant to a Manhattan original, which debuted in 2006.

Simply put… this cozy authentic Italian spot produced the best bread I’ve ever eaten. Crisp-crust blackened places broke away to reveal perfectly flavorful insides. Among the specials was an appetizer of olive oil-infused tuna topping tomato and basil — surprisingly sweet. Fritto misto came with a honey and pepperocini dipping sauce. A must have at this time of year when the local Nantucket tomatoes are perfect: the papa al pomodoro, served on a plate with a sprinkling of fresh basil. Pastas included pesto potato gnocchi with string beans, as well a pappardelle alla Bolognese with rich, strong meat flavor. Favorite entrees were their Roasted Orata with plum jam, a whole fish with crisp skin that broke away to incredibly flaked meat. The Sfoglia Trattoria chicken al mattone is their namesake dish, brined and served simply with a squeeze of lemon. And for dessert… a peach & raspberry tart with chocolate, topped by a sweet dill gelato. Having sampled nearly the entire menu, I can safely say that the simple preparations of incredibly fresh ingredients (nearly all local) makes Sfoglia among the best Italian food I’ve ever eaten.


Joshua Lurie

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