Scream Sorbet: Oakland’s Surprisingly Quiet Farm-To-Cup Shop [CLOSED]

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A list and corresponding map pinpoint Scream's contributing farms.

There aren’t many establishments with more deceptive names than Scream Sorbet, a sweet departure located next to the immensely popular Bakesale Betty cafe in Oakland’s Temescal Telegraph District. When we entered the tiny shop from market-driven founders Noah Goldner, Ari Pappas and Stephanie Lau, it was tomb-level quiet, with no music, and people who waited patiently in line to order sorbet at a level just above a whisper. As my stepmother Jane said, “It’s like library sorbet. It’s like being in the stacks.” Funny, since the name is Scream. The word also implies ice cream, but they stick to the icy, dairy-free, farm-to-cup stuff.

To preach local ingredients, they feature a map touting 27 pinpointed Sources, including Gabriel Farm (lavender) from Sebastopol, Ledesma Farms (beets, chiles) from Gustine and Dirty Girl (strawberries) from Santa Cruz. Each flavor’s 12-ounce lid helped form a 3×4 menu.

Sorbet Oakland

I selected tart Lemon Shiso, with Sun Rise Farm organic lemon, sugar, fruit pectin and shiso leaf; and grittier Pistachio with water, pistachio, sugar and salt. Of course I also had to taste Apricot Honey Tonka Bean and Santa Rosa Plum, which were similarly distinct.

Scream Sorbet should probably look into dialing up the volume to stay truer to their moniker, but at least their farm-forward flavors do a good job of delivering a convincing message.

Address: 5030 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609

Joshua Lurie

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Great sorbet and nice review, Josh…especially our discussion of the ironic quiet at Scream!

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