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Brewery Los Angeles

Scholb Premium Ales joins Absolution Brewing in a Torrance industrial park.

Scholb Premium Ales is the latest brewery to land a coveted Torrance address. I asked a few questions of Mandy Schulz, 1/4 of the Scholb team, to fill me in on the brewery she runs with head brewer/husband Patrick Schulz and friends Jason Kolb and Allison Kolb.

Sean Inman: Why Torrance and how do you fit in the vibrant brewing scene there?

Mandy Schulz: Torrance is home to a rapidly expanding craft beer culture. The people of Torrance and surrounding areas have enthusiastically embraced the established microbreweries, but they are thirsty for more! Every brewery in Torrance produces beers that are unique to their location, and that is what is so fun for customers who can expect a different experience while visiting each tap room. Scholb produces a large variety of high-quality ales with clean, clear, and direct flavors. Many beers are hop forward creations, such as Dad’s IPA, Not Lyin’ Rye IPA, Havanuther Session IPA, Columbia Street Pale, and Bat Ray Red IPA. Our brewer’s philosophy in relationship to making these hoppy beers is to combine a substantial malt backbone with a generous hop schedule. The result is a flavorful, easy-drinking beer that keeps you coming back for more!

SI: How long have you been open?

MS: Our first soft opening date was March 20, 2016, and the ribbon cutting ceremony/grand opening was April 15. We began by opening on a Sunday for four hours and added another day each subsequent week. Scholb’s regular hours are Thursday and Friday 4-9 pm, Saturday 1-9 pm, and Sunday 12-6 pm.

SI: Is there a brewery that serves as an example of what you want Scholb to be in the future?

MS: Like most craft breweries, Scholb aspires to create a unique product and experience for its customers. However, Scholb, as the brewery’s name suggests, is indebted to the classic Midwest brewing culture, especially in terms of feel and attitude. We think of our beers as an amalgamation of the Midwest/East Coast style of brewing (especially in terms of the underpinning malt contribution) combined with a level of hoppiness typically associated with a West Coast ale. A sleek, modern take on a classic looking name.

SI: How has the jump from home brewer to professional brewery gone?

MS: It has gone remarkably well. Our brewer is having the time of his life so far brewing on the commercial system, and is so excited to share each new creation with taproom customers. The commercial brewing process does take a bit longer than he anticipated, mostly due to the large amount of cleaning/sanitation that is necessary to make the clean, high-quality beers he demands.

SI: Has a flagship beer emerged in the taproom?

MS: It may be a little early to tell. However, Dad’s IPA, Havanuther Session IPA, and Cherry Wood Smoked Brown have been especially popular so far in the taproom.

SI:Any plans on bottles or cans?

MS: Scholb plans to begin distribution of kegs soon to local bars and restaurants. Cans and/or bottles will likely follow. We would especially like to put our hoppy beers in six pack cans and our darker beers, such as Cherry Wood Smoked Brown, Contemplation Porter, and Dark Void Imperial Stout in 22 oz. bombers.

SI: Where (outside of the tap room) can you find Scholb ales?

MS: Currently, Scholb is only selling its beers in the tap room. Our tap room is a relaxing and inviting space located very near other local microbreweries. Customers can view the Scholb brewing system while enjoying our flavorful ales.

From nearby Torrance to far-away (and long ago) Germany we go for the Beer of the Week. Weihenstephaner has released a new Kellerbier that honors the date of the Reinheitsgebot of 1516. It is the beer purity law in general but is much more complicated historically. That cloudy back story is mirrored in the naturally cloudy orange/amber color of the beer before the typical German flavor profile takes over in a mild, fruity and lightly hopped beer.

This week your beer-centric Homework is to check out how the beers of Indie Brewing pair with food. The Boyle Heights brewer has teamed up with the Blue Star Diner to craft a beer dinner that is a little less formal. The entry fee will get you two beers and you can choose from the Eastside XPA, 7th Street Saison, Port(er) of Los Angeles, Pacific Kölsch Highway or their Superfood Saison. And on the food side there will be multiple pizzas and sausages to sample. Plus you get to keep the glass!

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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