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Belgian Beer

Alexander is a beautiful ruby-hued version of Rodenbach's Grand Cru brewed with sour cherries.

Rodenbach Brewery brewmaster Rudi Ghequire was in L.A. to promote the re-release of Alexander, a beautiful ruby-hued version of Grand Cru with sour cherries that the Roeselare legend last released in 2000. I was lucky enough to join him at Library Alehouse to try that 5.7% ABV beer. I could have easily sat with the 750ml bottle for the entire afternoon, considering how smoothly the beer sipped, and how flavorful the beer tasted, with sweet tart cherry flavor, and a slight almond nuttiness from the pits. Ghequire also had the foresight to strip the stems before brewing the sour cherries, which would have left an acrid note.

When I shared my interview with Ghequire on Facebook, Dig Lounge founder Matt Mitchell commented, “I just had a Stupid Silly Sour today from Brasserie de Silly. Made my lips pucker, but loved it.” Belgian beers like that, or Duchesse de Bourgogne, are brilliant tarts, but I prefer more sessionable sour beers 9 times out of 10, and Alexander is world class.


Joshua Lurie

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