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Andrew Bell, Jonas Nemura and Cambria Griffiths reunite in Anaheim. [Radiant Beer Co.]

Bright, sunny, and happy. I haven’t been able to string those words together much this year, but this month you can use those descriptors for the new arrival, Radiant Beer Co. The new Anaheim brewery in Towne Park Brewery’s former home will have their soft launch this month as an early Christmas gift for beer fans.

This new brewery has some serious Orange County brewing credentials because the team behind Radiant Beer Co. are Managing Partner Jonas Nemura, Director of Brewing Andrew Bell, and Director of Marketing Cambria Griffith. All three of whom are alumni of The Bruery. That means both the beer and the hospitality are going to be top notch from day one even in these challenging (again) times.

The plan is to have a nice selection of “beer styles available, including West Coast and hazy IPAs, refreshing lager options, and imperial stouts with special ingredients.” They are also creating a “collaboration brewing schedule” more than likely with fellow Anaheim breweries since the city is rich in beer.

Since life in 2020 is fluid, keep up to date with Radiant by following their social media for hours and beer releases.

Three Graces. Anchor Brewing made a very conscious decision to put that particular arboreal image on this year’s edition of their holiday beer and they also made a beer that breaks from past versions. The 2020 Christmas beer lands at 7% ABV, which is higher than years past especially 2015’s which was a mere 5.5%. The Bay Area brewery describes the beer’s recipe as bringing out notes of “chocolate, toasted marshmallows and Graham crackers.”

Usually December brings a full slate of beer gift ideas for Christmas, but due to recent mandates and curfews since we didn’t avoid the Coronavirus like we were literally avoiding the plague, Beer Santa will have to adapt. Here are three ways to spread cheer without spreading the disease into next year.

1. Buy Brewery Gift Cards

These are perfect for stockings, but even better for breweries. I have heard it described as like a payday advance and whomever receives it can use it when they feel comfortable going out for a drink.

2. Beer of the Month Clubs

These are always tried and true gifts. I know getting boxes delivered after 8+ months of being at home might not have the same zing, but a box of beer will for sure. Many California breweries ship in state or you can go with The Rare Beer Club or services like Tavour.

3. Personalized Cans

Los Angeles Ale Works has offered the service of packaging one of their beers inside a label of your design. Selling by the case means you can give 4-packs of beer with a personal touch.


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