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Photo courtesy of Dutcher Crossing Winery

Ever since Debra Mathy discovered wine on trips to Europe during high school, she longed for a winery of her own. In 2007, motivated by her father, and after a long search, she instantly fell for Dutcher Crossing Winery in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley. Dutcher Crossing Winery currently produces Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, to name their six predominant varietals.

Joshua Lurie: What’s your first wine memory?

Debra Mathy: Christmas Eve with our neighbors – was a German Riesling.

JL: When and why did you make your first wine?

DM: Our first vintage was 2002 but under the Mathy Family’s ownership, the first vintage was 2007. We just couldn’t stay away from the wine industry – why wait until we retired to do something we are passionate about.

JL: What’s a wine trend that you’re excited about, and why?

DM: I’m loving the food friendliness of wines now. Too often the wines we so unapproachable and limiting with food-we finally have having a diverse selection of wines to choose from that work well with a plethora of food combinations.

JL: How much value do you see in rating wines using a 100-point scale?

DM: It has merit but should not be the only driving factor to trying a wine. Bottom line is the 100-pt scale represents that individual reviewers likes and dislikes. In my opinion, try lots of wines so you can discover new wines and drink what you like!

JL: If you could only drink one more bottle of wine, what would it be and why?

DM: I would drink Cabernet-Dutcher Crossing Taylor Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. I love what that vineyard expresses in the fruit and it makes me long for one of my favorite meals.

JL: What food would you pair with the wine?

DM: Grilled lamb chops and a Caesar salad.


Joshua Lurie

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Hello, last night it shared a bottle f wi e I was told was owned by Chuck Mathy Family from La Croose WI. I wanted to know if this the same Mathy family? Secondly if so I thoroughly enjoyed the wine. Secondly if you are the same Mathy congratulations on making wonderful wine and also thank you for all that the Mathy Family has given to the La Crosse /Onalaska community.


Dick Kish

Thanks Joshua-we’re looking forward to coming down next weekend.

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