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Pizzeria San Francisco

Pizzeria Delfina is Delfina's more casual kid sister.

Craig Stoll and wife Anne opened this sleek pizzeria on July 19, 2005 in a prime Mission District location, sandwiched between top-tier Tartine Bakery and the couple’s other Italian restaurant, Delfina. I was pretty sure the corner couldn’t get any hotter, and the parking situation couldn’t get any worse. Thanks to Pizzeria Delfina, I’ve been proven wrong on both counts.

The space features a few wood tables inside, five more outside, and counter seating. The seat fillers: a mixed crowd, primarily neighborhood hipsters. A blackboard by the door serves as a waiting list. Two benches reside outside for waiting customers. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long.

A blackboard lists the day’s list of offerings: seven antipasti, six pizzas, three dolce, and wines by the glass. There’s even a column for “In Padella,” daily specials cooked in a pan, such as chicken al cacciatore, pesto lasagna and meatballs in ragu Napoletano. Unfortunately, the last category is unavailable on weekends. Bad timing on our part, but we made due with two antipasti and two pizzas.

Pecorino tartufo with Medjool dates ($7.25) featured strips of delicious hard cheese with slivers of sweet dates, a great combo.

Italian Food San Francisco

Eggplant caponata ($5) mixed chunks of marinated, diced eggplant, capers, pine nuts, celery, and onion. Accompanying crostini served as vessels for the near-spreadable caponata.

Pizza San Francisco

Pizzas were both very good. Salsiccia ($13.25) was made with house-made fennel sausage, tomato, red bell peppers, onions and mozzarella. The crust was puffy but crispy, and held up well to the toppings.

Pizza San Francisco

Cherrystone clam pie ($16) featured finely diced clams, scattered strands of pecorino and a great one-two-punch of zesty tomato sauce and olive oil.

The clam pie came with a dish of whole-leaf oregano, grated Pecorino Romano and hot pepper flakes to pinch onto the pizza.

We were pleased with our selections. The pizza crust probably could have been a bit moister, but the Stolls are only 13 days into their tenure as pizzaiolos, so they deserve some leeway. Not that they need much. The couple is already producing one of the better pizzas in San Francisco.

Parking Sign San Francisco

Warning: As you can tell from this aggressive (but hilarious) sign posted on one of the block’s garage doors, which threatens rabid squirrel invasion and “the wrath of the ancients,” parking in the neighborhood is a serious issue. Police are ticket-happy around here, so be careful where you park. And if you see this sign, keep driving.


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