New L.A. Beer News, Restaurants with Taps + Postcards

Craft Beer Los Angeles

Businesses like The Heights Deli & Bottle Shop continue adding to L.A.'s rich craft beer tapestry.

Spring has well and truly sprung. Birds are chirping, plants are sprouting and vaccines are going into arms. Growth and renewal are on the horizon and that extends to the Los Angeles beer scene. Here are some brew news tidbits:

Monkish Brewing is adding a second location in the Anaheim Packing District. Taking over the former Anaheim Brewing space with a satellite taproom for their popular IPAs and collaboration beers with equally trending breweries from across the country.

The Heights Deli & Bottle Shop has also added a second outlet. They have painted their signature blue on a small space on San Fernando Boulevard where you can get sandwiches and a nice variety of cans and bottles.

Hand-Brewed Beer is looking to add a pizza kitchen to their brewery. Pizza being perhaps one of the best combos with craft beer. Another being…

Tacos. All Season Brewing has been open on South La Brea for a month or two and they have a nice large patio from which to pair the beer from brewer Erick Garcia with the food from Chicas Tacos.

Benny Boy Brewing has set a marker down for a fall opening for their new Eastside complex which will not only feature beer, but cider and BBQ as well. The timing looks good as they will feature plenty of outdoor seating for gatherings to reconnect.

Speaking of beer and BBQ and the Eastside, Moo’s Craft Barbecue will set up shop in Lincoln Heights. The second part of their name is Taproom, so craft beer will be flowing with their Texas meets Latin inspired fare.

That is my segue into the next topic. Los Angeles restaurants that were pouring local craft beer were obviously dealt a poor hand. With a massive pivot to off=premise purchasing and cans, taps were the odd man out. But now that restaurants have a re-start, make sure you head to those places that put L.A. brewed beer on their menus. They are an integral piece for breweries and we need to patronize them.

Before memes and Gifs, there were postcards. El Segundo Brewing Co., home to many a good bitter IPA, has a new series of beers coming out. Visit El Segundo was first in line, next is Brave the S-Pipe Double IPA with Galaxy, Citra and Amarillo hops. There is also some Broken Skull news coming so get to liking their social media accounts to be in the know.


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