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Food Event New York City

This past Friday, The 11th Annual “Plate by Plate” Tasting Benefit took place at The Metropolitan Pavilion. I attended this tasting with caution because I was set to have dinner at a friend’s place after this event. I knew it was going to be amazing considering the list of participating restaurants (Morimoto, Xie, Xie, Blue Smoke, Van Leeuwen Icecream and many others). Below are my three picks of the evening (not in any particular order).

Black Truffle Tuna Sandwich from Geisha

Food Event New York City
Before I even took a bite of this so-called sandwich I felt seduced. The name alone captured my interest. To be fair the words, “Black Truffle,” gets me every time. But, I can honestly say, that the way this sandwich was compiled was equally as relevant (important) to it being selected as my favorite of the night. The slices of “bread” were created using white sticky rice, which was flattened (and shaped like slices of bread) and then pressed into sesame seeds. Each delectable bite contained chunks of bluefin tuna (which appeared to be marinated in the truffle oil vinaigrette), ripe avocado, chives, micro greens and a delicate thin crisp cracker, which added a nice crunch. All the flavors and textures meshed with the other so nicely. One would understand why the Executive Sushi Chef Don Pham would think to create this dish; though most would probably not have the talent to do so. First thing I did on Monday morning was make a reservation at this upper Eastside gem.

Pompano with Orange, Crab, Smoked Puree from One if By Land

I had certainly heard of this restaurant (it has been around for over thirty years and just won the Open Table Diners Choice Award), but had never gotten the chance to try it. Tonight was the night for a preview. Again, when perusing a menu certain words always capture my attention or shall I say palate. In this case, both “corn” and “smoked” did it for me. The thin slice of pan seared Pompano topped off with the orange and crab worked magically with the corn it has been placed on. The citrus and crab was so refreshing; especially when paired with the intensely bold flavor that a smoked ingredient can add to a dish. I had no shame, and went back for another. (It was at this point I knew I would have to walk to my friend’s apartment if I wanted to have an appetite.) Kudos to Executive Chef Samuel Freund and team.

Earl Grey Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

I am not sure they need any more press, but this flavor was like nothing you have had before. Though a very adult-like flavor, Ben Van Leeuwen really manages to capture the essence and aroma of the Earl Grey flavor and make it unique. Earl Grey is not just for teatime anymore.

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very cool, I feel like this event had better restaurants and food than the one in LA.

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