Laurent Quenioux to Debut Bistro LQ [CLOSED]

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Bistro LQ has a colorful, but conservative setting, letting the creative food shine.

In case you need any more convincing that the Fairfax district is becoming an exciting food destination, maverick French chef Laurent Quenioux plans to open Bistro LQ in the current Los Angeles home of Mimosa by mid-July. On May 12, he e-mailed a newsletter to announce his plans. Last year, Quenioux outlined his vision as part of a Food GPS chef profile. He said 98% of this vision remains intact, just in a different location.

He abandoned his plans for 1100 Wilshire after deciding “downtown is becoming a restaurant farm with high rent.” Given his limited budget, he opted for a more suitable space with accessible parking.

Quenioux promises “complex recipes that exploit and enhance the natural tastes and textures of dishes such as sea urchin tapioca pudding with yuzu kosho and eel braised in red wine and served with dried plum and chanterelle grits.” He became known for daring game offerings at South Pasadena’s Bistro K. At Bistro LQ, he plans to cook creatures like baby goat, wild hare and partridge.


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[…] I hear via Food GPS in comments and posted here, as well as from Eating LA that BistroLQ will in fact be taking Mimosa’s space at 8009 […]

we need more partridge in this town. hope it happens soon.

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