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L.A. Beer Week returns with an even more compelling craft beer event calendar.

It’s coming, and soon, your Twitter (if you are a true blue, L.A. craft beer fan) will be blowing up with the hashtag #LABW6. L.A. Beer Week is on the way, there are beers a plenty to choose from and it will tax your scheduling ability to choose which event you want to attend.

In honor of six years, here are 6 event suggestions which should get a little more consideration when you plan:

MacLeod Ale Brewing will be hosting special one-off beer nights throughout the week. If you haven’t visited this new Van Nuys brewery, this would be a great time to acquaint yourself. You could try their bitter, Session Gap dry-hopped with Willamette hops or their Yorkshire Pale Ale, The Little Spree, dry-hopped with Motueka.

September 25: The 1st Meeting of the Guilds. I know that it sounds like a boring company meeting, but this “meeting” at Mohawk Bend brings a contingent of brewers from the San Diego Brewers Guild along with their counterparts in San Francisco down to our turf. This is no competition (OK, a friendly competition) but the chance to compare and contrast what each city brews will be epic. And each city will want to really showcase their best stuff.

September 25: The hopefully soon-to-open Three Weavers will be on tap at Beer Belly in Koreatown for LABW. Check out what Alexandra Nowell has brewed up for this special week. Think of it as a sneak peek to what you will find when their Westside taproom opens.

September 22: Tomm Carroll, dean of the LA beer writing scene, will re-convene his popular “So You Want to Open a Brewery in LA” panel discussion for the third time. Rock & Brews of El Segundo will host what should be an informative evening with plenty of “war stories”.

September 28: Walker’s Wild Ride is back for L.A. Beer Week. Follow “Olivia,” the ’64 Land Rover, as Firestone Walker brings sour beers to stops at Tony’s Darts Away (12pm), Library Alehouse (2:30pm), Naja’s Place (4:30pm) & The Federal Bar – Long Beach (7pm). Which beers will be tapped and where?

September 23: Highland Park Brewery will be at Tony’s Darts Away for an L.A. Beer Week edition of Tuesday’s at Tony’s. Check out another new addition to the L.A. brewing scene. HPB and The Hermosillo will also host an Oktoberfest during LABW too.

Check out the L.A. Beer Week website for further information and for dates, times and admission prices and ticketing information. And then make your own top six list. Well, OK, 7 if you count the opening festival. (Which has sold out!)

Your Beer of the Week is UNITY! The return of L.A. Beer Week’s signature brew. The Los Angeles County Brewers Guild came together at Eagle Rock Brewery to concoct a new California ingredient fueled treat for the new beer year. “Ingredients include California-Select malts donated by Country Malt Group, local fruit, and California-grown Centennial and Gargoyle hops (the latter of which is a rarer varietal native to California).”

Your Homework is to whip up a frenzy surrounding L.A. Beer Week. Get people excited that we have such a growing and vibrant scene here in L.A. If I can tell my dentist about events while he is in the middle of drilling then you can certainly tell a few friends about the great beer that will be flowing. Then you can take the next step and invite a craft beer newbie to an event or a brewery. And make sure to hashtag #LABW6 so those who aren’t there can be jealous.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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