Kreuz Market: Raiding the Pit in Lockhart Barbecue Barn

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Barbecue Texas

Everything's bigger in Texas, including barbecue restaurants like Kreuz Market.

Kreuz Market, a 23,000 square-foot barbecue barn down the road from the market’s original location, which housed Kreuz for the first 99 years of its existence before a rent dispute intervened.

Wood Texas

Outside Kreuz Market, they stack enough oak wood to build a small village.

Barbecue Texas

Patty Rucker’s painting by the entrance depicts three Schmidts at the butcher block.

Barbecue Sign Texas

A classic greeting lines the dining room door: “Vegetarians enter here. Normal folks down the hall!” If you enter through this door, there’s no meat.

The Kreuz traditions are listed below the menu: No Barbecue Sauce; No Forks; No Salads; No Credit; No Kidding.

Barbecue Smokers Texas

Pit men carve and administer meat amidst a mammoth roomful of smokers.

Rattlesnake Texas

A framed rattlesnake hide appears on the dining room wall, complete with a story: “Killed by Judge Walker just south of town. Approximate length was 6’5″ and it had two baby kittens inside. And, no, they were not still alive.”

Barbecue Texas

Here’s the Kreuz sausage, brisket, and pit ham. The latter’s available only on Fridays and Saturdays. The pit ham was salty and absolutely luscious. The sausage was finer-textured than other area establishments, but tasted good, and the brisket had a nice outer crust that generated a salty, chewy lip-smack.

Potato Salad Texas

Warm, savory German-style potatoes, one of the only “trimmings” available in-house.

Fittingly, a cow and pig usher diners back out to the mall-sized parking lot.

Kreuz Market: Raiding the Pit in Lockhart Barbecue Barn


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