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Keithsburg Cafe recently opened in what used to be a small country store. This is the quintessential country cafe, and the specialties of the house include biscuits, hash browns, and short-order items such as hamburgers. I arrived at the cafe at approximately 11:00 a.m. on a Saturday and was greeted by a friendly waitress who showed me to my small booth. The service was excellent, and before long my order of biscuits, hash browns, and a glass of sweet tea arrived at my table. The bacon biscuit was wonderful. The cafe uses a flavorful country-style cut of bacon, and the taste is completely satisfying, and also rare in this era of health consciousness. It was clear that their biscuits are made from scratch, and appear to be heavily laced with either Crisco or lard. I also ordered a tenderloin biscuit, and that was good, but somewhat dry in comparison to the bacon one. My order of hash browns was pure perfection, and was cooked long enough to be crisp, but not to the point of dryness. Finally, the sweet tea was terrific, due to the crushed ice glass in which it was served, the strong-brewed taste, and the proper amount of sugar that was added. All in all, I will definitely go back to this stellar breakfast place, and next time might explore a lunch option such as a hand-patted hamburger.

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I had the store when it was Chance’s Stop and Shop. I have since eaten there and the people there were very nice. I understood the first owners of Keithsburg Café are no longer there due to bad health. If this is true, I hope their health improves. I will try the café again soon. Merrell Cain.



Waffle house has nothing on them? They had to hire waffle house cooks, also there are a few glaring mistakes in this review, the biscuits are not homemade, they are frozen Pillsbury biscuits that have been put out to thaw and then proofed in the oven, the hamburgers are frozen, not hand patted, the veggies on the lunch special (say for the beans and peas) come from a can, no seasonings added, the reason your hash browns were cooked to perfection is because Wayne cooked them. I can see how everyone thinks that ALL THE PEOPLE that work there are great (they are good actors after all) but if you were to know them, to see what they did to the people that sacrificed everything they had to help that place succeed, you would be sickened! Coy and Linda are where they are because of the people that worked for free, worked overtime with no pay, worked sick with no chance of a day off, worked from 5am 3pm with NO BREAKS SIX DAYS A WEEK to literally BUILD that place and it’s reputation, that counter everyone sits at, WAYNE BUILT IT WITH HIS OWN TWO HANDS, THE CHICKEN N DUMPLINGS Y’ALL CAME TO LOVE WHEN THERE WAS A SECOND SHIFT, WAYNE’S WIFE JAN MADE FROM SCRATCH. And what did they get in return? Kicked while they were down, Coy drove Jan to a break down by harassing her to the point of tears, Linda, that snot nosed BITCH drove Wayne to say ENOUGH because of her “better then everyone attitude”.

cant seem to delete my previous post listed above, so all i can say is im sorry to whomever this offended i was angry then and have since moved on with my life

i like tacos and stuff derrrrr

I LOVE Keithsberg and ALL THE PEOPLE that work at the cafe. It is a small town cafe where they will remember your name, and has the best breakfast around. Waffle house and Ihop have nothing on this place. They have spoiled me with the good cooking and great atmosphere.


I can’t wait to visit Keithsburg Cafe the next time I visit my brother in the Atlanta suburbs.

Don’t waste your time going to Keithsburg Cafe again, my father, mother, and I worked that restaurant (WE WERE THE COOKS!) when this review was posted, my father literally built the counters and put up the wall over the dish pit. But Coy (my father’s father)and Linda have treated us like crap! We have been overworked, underpaid and treated like we were lower then dirt since we moved here (in 06) to help coy open a restaurant! I honestly WISH everyone could see how coy and linda really are. I’ve seen their true colors and it’s not a pretty sight. It’s just so sad that when people start making money they put down those who helped them get there. And Yes Coy I DID post this review, the last one was not posted by anyone here!!

Coy and Linda are two of the finest people I have met since I arrived in this slice of heaven, the North Ga. Mountain area. I must say they are a wonderful addition to our area. The food is always fresh and so homeade…Coy has an awesome attitude and is a hard worker!
Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this website and to share my opinion that we are so blessed with this cafe…and thank you Coy and Linda…
Sincerely and whole heartedly…love trisha

I love the Keithsburg Cafe and eat there all the time. The food is great and reasonbly priced and the service is excellent.

their lunch specials are fantastic and now they do homemade soups as well!

Best food in canton by far! I will never go back to waffle house again!

best food in canton


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