Iron Triangle Brewing Debuts on Industrial Street

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Iron Triangle Brewing made a good first impression in the DTLA Arts District.

Not too many breweries would name drop William Mulholland on their website. Thanks to the movie “Chinatown,” he and the engineering partners that brought water to the parched Los Angeles area aren’t regarded in the best light.

Thanks to the brewing talent of Darren Moser (formerly of Maui Brewing) and owner Nathan Pacetti, the name Iron Triangle Brewing might earn a more favorable place in L.A. history.

The large space on Industrial Street, a few blocks from craft beer favorite Little Bear, may not have a sign on the outside, but the light streaming out the window will quickly clue you in to the beer within. The big wooden bar to the right dominates the front section of the high ceilinged space with silver brewing tanks drawing eyes to the back. An impressive amount of beer was flowing for a newly brewing operation. Seven different beers graced the menu ranging from a cream all the way to a barleywine. My favorites on the night included both of those beers as well as the pale ale.

The Iron Triangle Ale (cream ale) was bright and bubbly and had a strong malt and grain taste. The Pale Ale had nice earthy hop notes as well as a nice touch of grapefruit pith. What attracted me to the barleywine was that fact that it wasn’t some amped up IPA. There was nice toffee sweetness to it.

Overall, the entire selection was well done. No clinkers in the bunch, which is notably rare for a new brewery. Iron Triangle is now open for business.

The Beer of the Week comes from another newcomer to the Los Angeles brewing scene, HopSaint (which is right on the Torrance and Redondo Beach border). Their cute little spot in what looks like a former diner surprised me. I usually order a taster tray to gauge the brewing prowess. The first beer in most trays is a blonde ale that is generally one-note and pleasant enough but the HopSaint version from Brian Brewer – Bubble Butt Blonde – took me aback. Gateway beers are getting more complex and this one is not to be missed.

Since you have already driven up north to visit Transplants Brewing last week, this week’s Homework is to check out other breweries in the area. Lucky Luke’s Brewing tasting room is also located in Palmdale and since they previously held the “newest” brewery title you should check them out. Lancaster, of course is home to Kinetic Brewing and Bravery Brewing. Since you cleaned your growlers last week, you should have them ready to bring home some beer.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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