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Olivier Dedeycker joined Tomme Arthur and Ryan Sweeney to launch Saison Deux Amis in L.A.


JL: How did you start working with Brasserie Dupont?

OD: In fact I am of the family. I am the fourth generation of the family. There are 10 owners, my brothers and cousins are the fourth generation, and I am the only one who is working in brewing. It’s why I was introduced to Brasserie Dupont. My mother was one of the three previous owners.

JL: How old were you when you first tasted a Dupont beer?

OD: Not so young. I didn’t drink beer before I was 17 years old.

JL: Who do you look to for guidance, inspiration or advice in the beer community?

OD: We try to respect the history of Brasserie Dupont, and the traditions. One of my inspirations was done before in Dupont brewery. I am a fan of Gueuze beer, and some other beers also, but I try to keep them without too much influence. When you have all the traditional beers, you need to follow some lines. This idea of collaboration brew is interesting. Thanks to this, you can go away from these lines.

JL: Has there ever been a batch of beer that you refused to release to the public?

OD: Of course. Not too often, but you can have microbiological problem, or a problem with fermentation in the bottle. Fermentation is not so easy to do. If things are wrong, we don’t.

JL: Which beer styles and specific beers do you enjoy drinking when you’re not drinking Dupont beers?

OD: Gueuze Cantillon. That’s my favorite beer.

JL: What are a couple favorite beers from this trip to the United States?

OD: We tasted great beers from Tomme Arthur. Devotion, for example. A few months ago, I tried a saison from Stone Brewing. It was great also.

JL: Do you still enjoy beer as much as when you first started with Brasserie Dupont?

OD: Of course.


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