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Chefs Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Tourism Board showcased chefs Cheng Kam Fu (Celebrity Cuisine), Mango Tsang (Ming Court) and Mak Kwai Pui (Tim Ho Wan) during a special media luncheon on the Lukshon patio, and three days of programming at The Grove.

At the June 13 luncheon, Hong Kong Tourism Executive Director Anthony Lau said the purpose of the three-day extravaganza was “showcasing the best of the best of Hong Kong.” Even though the three chefs have racked up a total of five Michelin stars between them, they remain old school. Sang Yoon, Lukshon’s chef-owner, said, “We offered them all this modern cooking equipment, and all they wanted was a wok and a steamer.”

On the night of June 14, Hong Kong Tourism hosted an elaborate kick-off party at The Grove, featuring real estate developer Rick Caruso presenting a photo of The Grove to Hong Kong dignitaries and a “dotting of the eyes” ceremony with lion dancers, “a symbol of bravery and peace” designed to bring good luck and protection to everybody involved. After that, the assembled masses enjoyed performances from lion dancers, dragon dancers and face changers, who shifted masks to reflect different feelings. We moved to a cordoned off plaza featuring “The Big Catch,” an installation from Hong Kong architect William Lin with four sizes of colorful fish lanterns. Yes, the three illustrious chefs served an array of delectable dim sum, and led cooking demos later in the weekend.

I was already eager to experience Hong Kong, and now, a trip there is imperative.

Asian Food Los Angeles
Sang Yoon, Lukshon: Sichuan Lamb Tartare, pickled Fresno chiles, prickly ash, cumin and puffed black rice

Dim Sum Hong Kong
Mak Kwai Pui, Tim Ho Wan: Dim Sum Platter: shrimp dumpling, abalone tart, baked bun with BBQ pork, spring roll

Food Hong Kong
Mango Tsang, Ming Court: Sole Filet with asparagus in black bean sauce

Food Hong Kong
Cheng Kam Fu, Celebrity Cuisine: Hong Kong Style Braised Beef with green beans and Chef Cheng’s signature fried rice

Dessert Los Angeles
Sang Yoon, Lukshon: Barley Cream: coffee streusel aprium, cherry, banana sorbet

Chefs Hong Kong
Sang Yoon was a gracious host, though he craved his guests’ forbidden Jinhua ham.

Hong Kong Art
The Big Catch, an installation from architect William Lim, appeared throughout The Grove.

Lion Dancers Los Angeles
At The Grove, lion dancers performed in tandem. So did dragon dancers.

Face Changers Los Angeles
Face changers used sleight of hand to swap masks throughout their performance.

Food Hong Kong
Stupendous bites at the Friday night reception included Deep Fried Crab Claw Stuffed with Minced Shrimp from Cheng Kam Fu and Baked Bun with BBQ Pork from Chef Mak Kwai Pui.


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