Hidden Star Orchards Pink Lady Apple Cider (Drink of the Week)

Apple Cider California

It had been several years since I visited the Ferry Building Farmers Market: Tuesday and was happy to see stalwarts like Frog Hollow Farm and discover newer vendors like Hidden Star Orchards on the building’s Embarcadero’s side.

Johann Smit and Wendy Holm founded an 80-acre orchard at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Clements. They sell single varietal apple cider at the Tuesday farmers market. Their ciders are pressed on-site, naturally fermented and bottle conditioned. They sell Gravenstein, Treeo, and Sour Apple, but I opted for Pink Lady, my wife’s favorite apple. Each bottle clocks about 7% ABV, and Pink Lady’s sweet-tart flavor paired well with dinner.


Joshua Lurie

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