Hanalei Bread Company Monkey Juice

Juice Kauai

Monkey juice is a kid-friendly smoothie at Hanalei Bread Company.

If Hanalei has a community hub, it’s probably Hanalei Bread Company, a bustling bakery, breakfast, and coffee destination for locals and tourists in a brown and green complex called The Hanalei Center. Chef Jim Moffat and business partner Jondy Malone retooled the Hanalei Coffee Roasters space in 2015, kept brewing the same beans, and installed a more ambitious food and drink program. Local chef AJ Irons bought Hanalei Bread Company earlier this year and continued to build momentum. I bought a cup of Monkey Juice ($9 for 16 ounces) for my daughter, took a sip, and secretly hoped she wouldn’t finish so I could enjoy the remains. The judiciously sweet smoothie combined milk, unnamed tropical fruits, bananas, coconut, almonds, and dates.

Hanalei Bread Company’s blackboard menu features a Hawaiian Word of the Day. During my visit, the board read: “Pehea ‘oe – How are you?” After drinking HBC’s Monkey Juice, my reply would be “Hau‘oli – Happy.”


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