Hana Hou: Powering Through Papaya, Lilikoi and Macadamia at the U.S.A.’s Southernmost Restaurant

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My tour of Kuahiwi Ranch with Al Galimba concluded at Hana Hou, a canary yellow restaurant in Na’alehu – about 12 miles from the southernmost point in the U.S. The name means “one more,” as in encore, which was a little bit self-congratulatory, but ultimately, somewhat understandable.

Restaurant Hawaii
Drake and Patty Fujimoto’s place features a mural of the bay and aqua chairs indoors, an airy porch out front, and specials on a dry erase board. Al Galimba said he used to train horses down the street and would spend half his check at Hana Hou when it was still a rough bar. Times clearly have changed.

Hawaiian Food Hawaii
The menu offered a bunch of Hawaiian plate lunch classics, including loco moco, roast pork and local fish filet, but it somehow made sense to go with the oddball “healthy choice.” My pick was mildly sweet Stuffed Payaya ($9) with macadamia nut curry chicken salad, shaved red onion and tangy lilikoi (passion fruit) dressing. Somehow, the combination worked.

Pie Hawaii
They filled a case near the entrance with a panoply of pies, none made in-house but all made nearby. My choice was Macadamia Nut Cream Pie ($4.75), with a sweet, pecan pie-like base, custardy center and whipped cream topping.

Lemonade Hawaii
Lilikoi lemonade ($3.50) was tinged with tangy passion fruit. Better yet, it came in a bottomless glass.

Hana Hou was basically a tropical diner that covered a lot of familiar ground, but still applied enough touches to make the experience interesting, and yes, worth an encore.


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Well glad you enjoyed the ranch tour with my friend Michelle and Al Galimba. Actually all the desserts are made in house as well as the bread and buns.

Thanks for clarifying, Patty.

Glad to see you got a chance to enjoy the local flavor of my island home! As a Hawaii-native, I grew up loving the local Hawaiian/Asian cuisine that never gets old. Whenever I go home, my family knows to take me directly to the nearest plate-lunch place so I feel at home right away.

Cool, Carl, I didn’t realize you’re from Hawaii. What’s your favorite plate lunch spot, and what’s your go-to plate?

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