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With summer and the hot, hot heat of Southern California bearing down on us, it is time to thank the many firefighters who protect us from the flames and to the firefighters who bring us the light, refreshing table beers that taste so good when the temperatures rise.

Fireman’s Brew has an origin story that begins high above the mountains in Glendale when two firefighters wished for a beer after a hard day putting out a brushfire. From that eureka moment came the impetus to create a new brewing company.

The first beer was created at Brewbakers. The pilsner, later to be known as the Blonde, was tinkered with until perfected and was followed by the other two beers in the Fireman’s line-up, the Redhead (an amber ale) and The Brunette (a double bock) which is their current best seller.

And now, you can find their beers in the Ralph’s chain of supermarkets. (A chain which is adding better beer to most of its locations) And when you pick up either a sixer or a variety pack, a percentage of the proceeds is donated to the National Fallen Firefighters fund.

I spoke with Rob Nowacyzk about the Los Angeles beer scene and the future for Fireman’s Brew and he is bullish on what lies ahead. He points to more and more bars spending money to add draft lines to their locations because of the tremendous growth in beer and to the fact that Fireman’s will be expanding to more states like Texas this year as indicators of the industry’s expansion.

And as for Fireman’s, the future holds a tap room where visitors can sample the beers as well as the possibility of a new IPA and maybe a Holiday ale this year. And you will probably see them at many beer events over the remainder of the year like the Mammoth Festival of Beers.

The Beer of the Week harkens back to why we celebrate the 4th of July. It hails from Britain’s Meantime Brewery and is a porter that until now could only be found at the brewery or in the Old Royal Naval Hospital. It is the Naval College Old Porter and it is oak aged for 24 months in Bruichladdich Octomore barrels before being released. And at 8% ABV, it can be both enjoyed now or cellared for later. So as we celebrate our independence, let us also celebrate to a lasting friendship with England and English beers.

Your Homework is to get your tickets NOW! Tickets for what, you ask? Why the 3rd annual Craft Beer Crawl in downtown L.A. “The beer festival so nice, we’re doing it thrice!” Scheduled this year on Saturday, August 18th. It will be a “showcase and celebrate all things craft beer in lively and vibrant historic downtown Los Angeles.”

“Taste as many samples of over 70 delicious craft beers across 7 different unique venues all within easy walking distance of each other (7 Grand, Golden Gopher, Las Perlas, Cana Rum Bar, Cole’s French Dip, Broadway Bar & Casey’s Irish Pub) We Beer Chicks are curating the beer and are collaborating on this event with Cedd Moses & 213 Ventures that will feature some of the top Craft and Artisanal Brewers in the country!” That should be enough to purchase a ticket.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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