Eno Terra – Kingston, NJ

What’s really nice about Eno Terra is that it has a special getaway feeling like the resort restaurants on the Delaware River in the New Hope area. It’s in an old winery, right near the Delaware/Raritan canal (right near the picturesque lock) and near Lake Carnegie, and the building itself is distinguished, high arching ceilings, large and impressive, whereas most of the finer restaurants in the Princeton area tend to have small spaces and crowded tables. This is very gracious. For ambience, it’s almost on the level of Rats, which is the most beautiful restaurant in New Jersey and among the most beautiful anywhere. (Rats falls down on the prosaic nature of its cooking – it’s deluxe, but not distinguished). They have an enormous wine cellar, the service is excellent, friendly, and unusual for this area, not snobbish and pretentious. I had the hamburger. Connie had the pressed grilled chicken. Both were excellent. We had the cheese and salami plate and it was terrific.

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