Do You Think Charles Shaw likes Gin or Vodka Martinis?

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Wine Trader Joe's

L.A. wine expert Matthew Kaner shares "the ultimate way to make Charles Shaw DRINKABLE."

Who is Charles Shaw, anyway?! Two Buck Chuck. Nice. I remember how it only cost $24 in college for a case of wine, I can’t tell you how the wine tasted. It’s fun to be in line at Trader Joe’s buying my organically farmed apple and protein shake and see the person in the line next to me buying multiple bottles of Charles Shaw. Boy, do I feel bad for them and their guests.

A few months ago I went to a party at my friend’s house, he’s a bartender and has exquisite taste in food and wine so I assumed that his guests would bring something good to the table. I arrived with a bottle in hand, and upon walking in I went straight to the corkscrew in the kitchen. I scan quickly, and notice someone has brought Charles Shaw. I couldn’t help but laugh. I had to know. I had an obligation. What does Charles Shaw taste like?!?!?! I literally hadn’t touched the stuff in years, not since my days at UCSB where we used to each drink a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a few bottles of wine in a night. No problem. I opened the bottle, it didn’t smell like anything. I took a sip, it had no taste. I wasn’t sure how to react…until I took another quick look around the kitchen and noticed a bottle of Belvedere vodka a few feet away.

Then I had an idea. Spike the wine! I put about a shot and a half into a half glass of Charles Shaw, and boy was that a winning combination. This is the ultimate way to make Charles Shaw DRINKABLE.

I’m not sure if it’s the alcohol content of the vodka that releases aromatics and flavors that are hidden deep within a bottle of two buck chuck, but it’s a wonder that something that started off so offensive ended up tasting GOOD! Maybe try a super botanical gin if you like intense flavors! Hell, try a splash of olive juice. My new holiday cocktail will be the Dirty Charles Shaw Martini up, always stirred.

Remember: Charles Shaw + Vodka + a stir (never a shake).

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I actually went to a wedding in January where they were actually serving Two Buck Chuck. It appears the happy couple splurged on the wedding and reception (both were in Malibu) and skimped on the guests. My first trip to the bar, I noticed. My jaw dropped. And my boyfriend, who doesn’t drink, didn’t know why until I told him what crap they were pouring. But beggers can’t be choosers… and what better excuse to drink than a wedding. So I had three glasses… and a screaming headache when I got home. A side note: Hadn’t bought the garbage since I was 24/25…

your gross Matty. Eww

put it in a blender for 3 soconds and in the microwave for ten. now it’s drinkable.

Charles Shaw at parties always spells kalimocho for this guy.

i prefer gin. 🙂

Really? I will have to give it a whirl.

vodka + a stir (never a shake) – charles shaw…..i could deal with that :O)

haha that’s awesome. charles shaw is pretty tasteless.

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