Craft Beer Christmas Gifts

Beer Christmas Gifts

Craft beer's versatility extends to candles, soap, and salumi.

The Official start to the holiday shopping season is Friday, November 28. Don’t let the stores opening on Thanksgiving fool you. Shopping instead of enjoying turkey and craft beer is downright UN-American.

Each year, I fret that there won’t be enough new things to highlight for the annual craft beer holiday buying guide.  Each year, there are products aplenty, so over the weekend, look further into these ideas for the craft beer fan on Kris Kringle’s Nice list.

1. Potlicker Kitchen
Not jam, but jellies. ‘Cause jam don’t shake, like that. What better way to kick off breakfast than with beer-infused jelly on toast?

2. Craftsman Soap Company
When I want to smell as good as I look, I turn to Golden Road Brewing soaps from the Craftsman Soap Company. Smell the Way IPA, please.

3. The Brewer’s Tale: A History of the World According to Beer by William Bostwick
Of course beer books are on my list. Especially history books. There are so many undiscovered countries in the world of beer and this book is high on my beer education list.

4. Coastermatic
Need beer coasters but want something a little less kitchy? Then make your own, with Coastermatic. Just fire up your Instagram and see which beer photo would look good under a glass.

5. Charlito’s Cocina
Take a brown ale and add it into the process of making dry cured salami. Charlito’s Cocina uses pasture-raised, heritage-breed pork with fleur de sel in addition to the beer.

6. Brew Candles
Do you want your house to smell more like a brewery? Then here you go. “Beer-inspired soy wax candles in three amazing scents! Apricot Wheat, Vanilla Porter, and Hoppy IPA.”

7. Sustainable Home Brewing: An Organic Approach to Crafting Great Beer by Amelia Slayton Loftus
If you want to learn how to brew organically at home then this is the book. You will also get tips on solar power and achieving zero waste.

8. Craft Beer’d
Did you fail to get the LA Brewers t-shirt designed that shows your love of L.A. breweries? Rectify that situation post haste with this awesome shirt that is sure to be a collectible as more breweries open in the City of Angels.

9. Firestone Walker XVIII
Ya’ can’t go wrong with this beer. Every year I think they can’t find a better blend and each year, this beer is amazing. Barrelworks has been releasing some fine beers, but this is the beer to never miss. The facts behind this beer are amazing: “We blended together 227 oak barrels containing 9 different beers creating something dark complex and 100% original.”

For Small Business Saturday, November 29, you can check out the wares at Aunt Sally’s Marketplace as “Golden Road Brewing presents a locally curated marketplace celebrating LA’s talented craft-makers (listed below) and Small Business Saturday. Explore unique gift ideas – from literature to music to fitness to handbags made from repurposed beer filter cloth – with beer in hand.”

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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