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Chef Cleveland

Nationally famous chef Michael Symon made a surprise SoRo appearance.

Michael Symon may have defeated Mario Batali on Iron Chef, but he was no match for Wii. On August 13, it was “Cook or Be Cooked!” at a Hipcooks West Los Angeles cooking demo, and Symon got smoked.

Michael Morishita developed Cook or Be Cooked! for Bandai Namco Games and played the game to perfection. Well, nearly to perfection; he messed up on purpose to prove there were consequences to poor cooking, even in a video game. Symon pointed out, “I can fail miserably in the game and not suffer the consequences of having to buy a new batch of chicken.”

Video Game Developer Los Angeles

Morishita cooked a chicken and broccoli stir-fry from the Food Network’s “How To Boil Water” cookbook.

Chef Cleveland

Across the room, Michael Symon also prepared chicken and broccoli stir-fry, but didn’t have the benefit of fast-forward, so Morishita plated first.

Chef Symon’s chicken stir-fry sat lonely for about 15 minutes before we had to request a taste. Considering the recipe involved white meat, I didn’t have high hopes, but after taking a taste, I could see making this dish at home. If the game’s other recipes are on par, there might be some added value to Cook of Be Cooked! beyond entertainment.

Symon said that beginning November 3, you’ll be able to “cook Food Network worthy meals in your own home” on equipment that mimics real life. Of course in real life, your dishes aren’t judged by Susie Fogelson and Mory Thomas of the Food Network.

Cook or Be Cooked! features plenty of Food Network recipes, rewarding technique and leaving no mess. Why play a cooking game when you could just jump on the stove? “The game gives you a foundation of cooking and allows you to use your mind and palate to expand,” says Symon. “What the Food Network has done is teach people that cooking can be fun. The game has taken this to the next level.”

Meg Triplett Hall (Made by Meg catering) was in my MediaBistro food writing class in 2007 and worked as Symon’s sous chef for the night. She helped to make the tray-passed appetizers that circulated throughout the event.

Hors D'oeuvre Los Angeles

My favorite bite all night: griddled corn crepes wrapped around duck confit and coffee barbecue sauce.

Hors D'oeuvre Los Angeles

Symon’s team made lamb kefta with yogurt sauce using a recipe from his mother.

I also enjoyed bites of beef cheek pierogi, spicy dates with almonds and pancetta, zucchini fritters with tzatzik, and crab tater tots, a fun twist on a grade school classic.

If you’ve never heard of Hipcooks, the space offers “hands-on cooking classes for the novice and seasoned cook alike. Measuring implements are banned, tasting is encouraged, and your inner chef is invited to play. The best part: every class ends with a dinner party!”


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