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This beachside restaurant attracted us by their tables, just a few feet from the sand and rolling surf of Spaggia Grande Beach. Even in November, the sun warmed our faces and the sound of the waves added great atmosphere. Kids played on the narrow sidewalks around the restaurant. Tourists flood the many storefronts. Though it is typical for Italians to have lunch with wine, we declined our waiter’s offer and delved into the menu. I read the history of Chez Black on the inside cover, where I learned that Black inherited the restaurant from his papa. After meeting an English girl who gave him the nickname Black, the restaurant became so popular that he changed the name to Black after people started saying, “Let’s go down to Black’s.” I was also interested to discover that Chez Black also owned the waterfront cave-like club called Music on the Rocks. Though I did not attend the club, it was highly recommended (and a hot celebrity hangout). For lunch, we ordered a Margherita pizza. The thin crust was chewy and the topping cheesy. My mom ate a simple pasta, spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. While the sauce was nice, I recommend getting the seafood spaghetti since you are so close to the sea. The pasta included mussels, clams, and cherry tomatoes in a light olive oil and parsley broth. The dish was quite hearty and easily shared between the three of us. After lunch, we enjoyed a nice stroll on the beach, where we put our feet in the chilly November water.

Address: Via del Brigantino, 19, Positano SA, Italy 84017
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